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Fic: A Little Bit of History Repeating (31/?)

A Little Bit of History Repeating 31/?

Fandom: Buffyverse
Pairing: Cordelia/Spike/Angel
Rating: hard R

Summary: Cordelia gets to stay with Angel, losing something of herself and gaining an extra vampire in the process.

Previous parts found here


Instead of guinea pigs, Angel paid a hefty fee to a local wiccan and got himself a crystal that glowed in the presence of any and all harmful magic. Three other rooms in the hotel made it light up, so Angel dutifully marked the doors with big red Xs, locked them, and circled them on the floor plans of the hotel, to be examined at a later date.

The room where time moved faster was the priority. They tried a spell to fix it, which did nothing, as the apples and oranges Angel rolled into the room continued to rot and decay before their eyes. They tried another spell, with similar results. The third spell caused a minor explosion, which would have been alarming, but the fire burned itself out in seconds and did little damage to the room itself.

"This is stupid," Angel said, rubbing his forehead in frustration and leaving a streak of black behind. "I wish Wesley was here."

"We could always give Willow a bell," Spike said, eyeing the black streak and not saying a word about it.

"How about we lock the door, hang a sign, and ignore it until a solution presents itself?" Cordelia suggested.

Angel hung a new door. Then he locked it and hung a Do Not Enter sign.

Illyria appeared as he was admiring his handiwork. She leaned on the door like she was listening for something, then opened it like the lock didn't even exist, splintering the frame and denting the plaster. She splayed her palm in the air just at the threshold of the room, flexing her fingers against the invisible boundary. "Fascinating," she said, tilting her head, "but of limited use and little consequence."

"Little consequence?" Spike exclaimed, indignant. "How about I give you a little bitty push and see how you fare?"

She turned to face them and noticed Angel staring at her, eyes wide, lips a white line, pointing at his shattered lock.

"Forgive me," she said, and Angel's mouth fell open in surprise.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Don't get too carried away, mate. She's practising apologies this week. Don't think she's got the hang of actually meaning it, but she carries the tone off well, don't you think?"

Angel gave up on locks and nailed the door shut.

Spike declared it a done deal, and disappeared to go and take a long shower, shave, and cut his hair, making a huge mess of one of the bathrooms re-dying it.

Cordelia took the path of least resistance and went back to avoiding both of them, hiding out in her room.

Illyria stole some of Angel's tools when he wasn't looking and disappeared back upstairs.

When things were quiet and he was done with his hair, Spike went to Angel's room. He let himself in without knocking, walked up to Angel and pulled open the collar of Angel's shirt. He frowned at the messy bitemarks covering Angel's throat and shoulders, only half-healed.

"Jesus. I really did a number on you."

Angel tugged his collar back into place and set the stack of laundry he'd been putting away on his bed. "It's okay," he said. "You weren't yourself."

"No," Spike said, his voice dropping to a near whisper, unconsciously touching the one spot on his throat where Angel had bitten him when the blood bags had run out, sharing their blood back and forth, an unbroken circle. "It was..." He let out a breath. "I hadn't done that in a while. A long while."

"Me neither," Angel admitted softly. "I didn't think you'd remember."

"Not the sort of thing one forgets. I just... Thanks, I guess."

Angel's gaze was on the floor, and he was halfway to saying something that would no doubt be self-effacing and annoyingly humble, so Spike kissed him, soft and a little unsure. When Angel drew in a surprised breath, Spike bit his own lip, just enough to draw blood: an offering, if Angel wanted to take it. Angel let out a soft sound and sucked on Spike's lip, making it more of a kiss, his hand cupping the back of Spike's head.

They finally broke apart and Spike tried not to squirm under Angel's heavy gaze.

"You just kissed me," Angel said.

"Kind of thought that was what you were angling for."

Angel took a moment to process this. "I have no clue how your head works, you know that? The old me would have wanted to take you apart, see how you tick."

Spike shrugged, a tiny part of him wondering if maybe that was what had made Angel keep him around all those years. "It's all part of my charm."

"What about Cordelia?"

"I was thinking we could maybe put a new spin on the whole disastrous love triangle thing that we do. Minus the disaster this time. More triangle."

"You've been thinking about this."

"Little bit, yeah. I actually thought maybe it was in the air before you tried kicking me out."

"If you'd given me half a chance to talk instead of giving me all those impassioned speeches, kicking you out wasn't where I was going with that. I think I was actually going to suggest the triangle thing."

"I was waiting for you to beat me up."

"I did consider it. You slept with my girl."

"I couldn't help it. She gets under your skin."

"You were just going to leave without a fight."

Spike scowled and slanted his gaze away. "I never win those sorts of fights. I was trying to do the right thing. Then your seriously stupid hotel threw a dead cat at me. Got kind of distracted."

"You really think we can do this. The three of us. It's not normal. They make tv shows about people who do this."

"Yeah, well, let's not do that. And since when do we give tuppence about normal? It really depends on Cordelia, who may not be as open as you and I to the idea."

"She might be. Humans are funny these days. You never know what they'll go for."

"Welcome to the future."

"She called me a fuddy duddy."

"You are a fuddy duddy."

Angel frowned. "We have to be careful with her."

Spike raised an eyebrow. "I remember you saying you'd kill me if I touched her."

"I know. That was me being careful with her."

"We may want to work on our definition of normal."

"We're never going to be normal, no matter how hard we try."

"Then what? I want her. I'm pretty sure I've always wanted you, god help me. How exactly are we supposed to make this okay? We're shit at making things okay. All we do is fight and bicker and fuck each other up."

"I want to make it work," Angel said in a low voice. Something hot and achy uncoiled low in Spike's stomach.

"Look at you," Spike said with a smile curving up one side of his mouth. "All cocksure and gun-shy."

"I don't... I didn't want to share."

"What? Both of us?" Spike couldn't help it; he began to laugh. "Jesus, Angel, you're such an awkward bastard. If you were any more heavy-handed about things your arms would fall off."

Angel looked at him, hurt and a little grumpy. "Why are you laughing?"

"Because you always go about everything arseways. You want us both but we're not allowed each other? Plus you haven't showed any interest in me in fifty years or more, you turn me down when I practically offer it to you on a plate, and now suddenly you're back in the game. You know you could just have tried asking."

Angel looked a little taken aback. "I could?"

Spike's laughter faded to a smile. "You could."

There was a long pause. "Can I?"

Spike spread his arms. "Knock yourself out."

Angel kissed him again, deep and consuming, taking his time over it. He walked Spike backwards towards the bed. The pile of laundry got launched into the air when they fell onto the mattress, a tangle of limbs.

"God, I've been wanting to do this for months," Angel said, biting at Spike's jaw. "Wanted to just hold you down and fuck you."

Spike raised his hips, looking for friction. "Now you're talking."

Angel grinned. "Anything to shut you up."

Spike rolled his eyes. "Now you really better be ready put your money where your mouth is. You got any slick?"

Angel shook his head, kissing Spike's throat, paying particular attention to his fading bitemark. "This isn't something I get around to doing very often."

Spike shivered and lifted his chin, giving Angel better access. "Ah, yes. Been meaning to ask: you think that curse of yours is going to be an issue at any point?"

Angel hesitated. "I've been thinking about that."

Spike went still underneath him, waiting. "You have."

"Yeah. You think that the fact that I know the loophole exists and I know what'll happen if I am ever truly happy, you think that's enough to make sure that it never happens?"

"Like you can't be happy because you know what'll happen if you're happy? Uh, yes? Maybe?"

"At least not while I'm having sex." Angel pulled Spike's shirt over his head and lowered his head to bite at a nipple.

Spike hissed and kicked off his boots, trying to get his hands inside Angel's clothes at the same time. "So we have to make sure it doesn't happen over tea and cakes on some random rainy Tuesday afternoon in this fuzzy future we're building for ourselves, with you, me and Cordelia all warm and squishy and in love is what you're saying?"

"Something like that." Angel yanked open the fly of Spike's jeans and tugged them down to his knees.

"Then we'd better make sure we annoy you all the time to stop things from getting too sappy."

"I knew I could count on you." Angel touched two fingers to Spike's lips. "Get them good and wet."

Spike did as he was told. Angel watched him closely, his eyes liquid and dark. "That's enough," he said, sliding his hand lower, right to where Spike wanted it most.

"Angel, love," Spike said, turned on and breathless. "We've got forever and a day to take our time. But right now, just fuck me, will you?" Spike tried to turn around but Angel grabbed at his hip to stop him.

"No," Angel said. "Like this. Want you like this."

Spike nodded, impatient, opening Angel's pants and pushing them down around his thighs.

"Lemme..." Spike said, his mouth already busy, making it wet and sloppy, doing his best to make Angel as slippery as possible.

Angel let Spike have his way for a while, but it wasn't long before he pushed him back on the bed. Spike braced himself against the wall with one hand and wrapped his legs around Angel's waist. When Angel pushed inside, Spike gasped, his body arched, shocked still. Angel's gaze never left him, serious and searching. They rocked together, foreheads touching, finding their rhythm. Spike was greedy for it, urging Angel on, murmuring filthy little things about all the things he wanted Angel to do to him, how good it was, how long he'd been waiting. Angel vamped out when he was getting close and tried to turn his face away, but Spike was having none of it.

"Bite me again," he whispered, baring his throat. "Right here. Fuck, Angel, I love you. Just fucking do it."

Angel snarled and bit down, coming and drinking, his hand fisted in Spike's hair. He didn't stop thrusting until Spike cried out and his whole body went taut under Angel's weight.

They separated slowly, lying side by side, staring up at the ceiling. Spike stretched out his body, enjoying the faint burn of his muscles, the ache of the new bite, the slippery mess that Angel had left inside him.

Angel glanced over, looking oddly contrite for a man with amber eyes and blood on his fangs. "You okay?"

"Oh god, yes. You and your perfect fucking cock. I'm so glad to see that some things never change."

"Oh. Good. You're welcome," Angel said, smiling up at the ceiling, his face fading back to human.

"Don't be such a smug bastard, Angel. It's unbecoming."

"Next time you can return the favour."

Spike sat up, suddenly very interested. "The hell you say. You never let me do that before."

"Some things do change."

Spike grinned. "I'll hold you to that. Now pass me my cigarettes, there's a love."

Angel passed them over and Spike lit up. "So. Months, huh?"

Angel did his best to look nonchalant. "On and off."

"I'm just curious. How were you thinking this would go? You'd what? Beat the shit out of me at least, right?" Spike asked, only half-serious.

Angel twisted his lips, put out, and looked away.

"That was it, wasn't it!" Spike crowed. "What was it? You going to play the angry sire routine? All moonlight and violence and taking what you wanted in the heat of the moment."

"I am your sire, sort of. And I am angry."

"No, you're not." Spike grinned. "But you know I love all that possessive bullshit. Give us a kiss, then."

"You're such an ass, you know that?"

"You love it. Kiss me."

"I don't know. You're kind of killing the mood."

"You love my moods," Spike insisted.

"Your moods make me crazy. You and Cordelia both make me crazy. I must be crazy."

"You're a lucky son of a bitch is what you are."

"Sometimes." Angel sighed. "That's usually when things start to go horribly wrong."

"Oh, god. Can we at least postpone the maudlin reflection until we're out of bed?" Spike blew out a stream of smoke. "Nothing's going to go wrong. Not if we take pains not to royally fuck it up. And speaking of things going horribly wrong, it wasn't you who just got magically aged a few decades. Hey, you think this makes me older than you now?"

Angel frowned. "I highly doubt it."

"Could be," Spike said, warming to his subject. "I could be the elder vampire now. That would make me stronger than you."

"It doesn't work that way."

"No? Want to arm wrestle for it?"

"This is a really stupid conversation. Even for us."

"It's better than fighting."

"You said you loved me."

Spike coloured. "I say a lot of stupid things when I'm fucking."

"I think I like you when we're fucking."

"Well, good," Spike said, taking another drag. "Because we'll be doing lots of that."

"We might want to work on our pillow-talk."

Spike snorted. "I couldn't agree more. But I have a question."


"How are we going to broach this little subject with Cordelia?"

"That's a good question."

"Thought you'd like it."

"How about we just let it happen... organically."

"That's a crappy answer. She's not a vegetable. And she's not a vampire. She's a teenager, for god's sake," he said like it was the worst thing in the world. "When will we learn?" he added with a sigh. "You know she's all over the shop at the minute." He propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at Angel. "It's tearing her up that she thinks she's cheating on you, but she just can't keep her hands off my hot, tight little body."

"Hm," Angel said, stealing Spike's cigarette and taking a drag.

"So you're saying we seduce her."

"I didn't say anything at all. I was thinking."

"And I got bored listening to all those rusty cogs grinding," Spike said, stealing his cigarette back.

"You think that'll work?"

"Absolutely. Seduction is one thing I know we're good at." He crushed out his cigarette and rolled over. "Now come here and let me return that favour."

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