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We killed that mother-humper!

Be advised: there are two more, repeat, two more mother-humpers.

nobody knows I'm a false berry
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The Me:
Hi. I'm nomelon. I read. I write. I paddle in the shallow waters of fandom. I am not fond of melon. Also, I'm a dork.
The You:
If you want to friend me, feel free. You don't need to ask and there's no sense in being shy. If you then decide this was a big mistake and want to defriend me, you can do that, too. If you want to comment, stalk, lurk, chat, squee, pelt me with stale muffins, rub a little funk on it, or fling poo like a chimpanzee, go right ahead. It's all good. Concrit, feedback and other miscellaneous comments all gratefully received. You can also find me here on AO3 and here on dreamwidth. I crosspost to both journals, but if you're going to friend me anywhere, I'd prefer it was on dreamwidth as they are nice and lj is rather poo.


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